10 Cute BTS iPhone Wallpapers in 2023

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Hey there, fellow BTS fan! If you’re head over heels for the Bangtan Boys like I am, you’ll love these adorable BTS iPhone wallpapers. Show your love for BTS by sporting one of these amazing wallpapers on your devices.

If you’re new to the BTS fandom, let me give you a quick intro. BTS is a South Korean band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. Since their debut in 2015 with “No More Dream,” they’ve taken the world by storm with their incredible music and talent.

1. BTS J-Hope Wallpaper for iPhone

Let’s start with a heavenly wallpaper of J-Hope. This one is my personal favorite! It looks stunning on the Lock Screen, especially with the new iOS 16 Lock Screen depth effects. You’ll definitely want to download this one.

2. Cool Jungkook iPhone Wallpaper

Jungkook, the golden maknae, has been earning global fame with his latest English single alongside Charlie Puth, “Left and Right.” Download this cool wallpaper featuring Jungkook to show your support for his incredible talents.

3. The BTS Logo Wallpaper

Did you know that the BTS logo represents BTS and ARMY becoming one? It’s a powerful symbol of unity. This wallpaper features the classic BTS logo adorned with lovely purple glitters. It’s a timeless masterpiece!

4. Team BTS Wallpaper

If you loved the previous wallpaper but wanted the entire team in it, we’ve got you covered. This wallpaper includes all the BTS members and gives off those iconic purple vibes. It’ll look fantastic on both your Home Screen and Lock Screen.

5. BTS Wallpaper for iPhone Lock Screen

Looking for a wallpaper that includes every member from Jungkook to V? While it might get a bit crowded on your Home Screen, it’ll look absolutely aesthetic on your Lock Screen. Trust me on this one!

6. Rap Monster Wallpaper

Show some love for our amazing leader, Rap Monster, also known as RM. Not only is he a fantastic rapper, but he’s also a kind and gentle soul who writes beautiful poems. Download this wallpaper to honor RM’s incredible talent.

7. iPhone Wallpaper of V

V, with his irresistible charm and jaw-dropping dance moves, always steals the show. If you’re a big fan of V, you can’t miss out on this V-nominal wallpaper. It’s a must-have for every V enthusiast out there!

8. Jimin Wallpaper for iPhone

Jimin, with his adorable performances and dance steps, has captured the hearts of ARMY all over the world. He even incorporates ballet into his performances! Download this wallpaper to show your support for Jimin’s incredible talent.

9. BTS Wallpaper for Jin Fans

Any Jin fans here? Jin, with his Taiwanese background, loves to write short stories. If you’re a fan of Jin, you’ll definitely want to download this wallpaper and proudly display your admiration for him.

10. BTS ARMY Logo Wallpaper

If you’re a true comrade of the BTS Army, you know the difference between the BTS logo and the ARMY logo. The ARMY logo represents the doors where ARMY meets, and when combined with the BTS logo, it symbolizes a shield protecting the ARMY and the Bulletproof Boys. Download this wallpaper to show your ARMY pride!

Didn’t these wallpapers make your heart flutter with joy? Just like BTS’ incredible albums, these wallpapers are perfect for every mood and occasion. They have a minimal design that complements both your Lock Screen and Home Screen. Let us know in the comments which wallpaper you liked the most!

I purple you! 💜💜

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Enjoy customizing your iPhone with these amazing wallpapers!

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