How To Set Multiple Pictures As Wallpaper On Iphone?

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If you’re wondering how to set multiple pictures as wallpaper on your iPhone, I’ve got you covered! Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
2. Select the pictures that you want to use as your wallpaper. You can do this by tapping on the “Select” button at the top right corner of the screen and then tapping on the pictures you want to choose.
3. Once you’ve selected the pictures, tap on the “Share” button.
4. In the share menu, scroll down and tap on the “Use as Wallpaper” option.

That’s it! Your selected pictures will now be set as your wallpaper. Enjoy the new look on your iPhone!

[Insert Image 1: iPhone Photos app]

Now, if you want to have different wallpapers for each home screen on iOS 15, you can follow these steps:

1. Create an album in the Photos app and name it “Wallpapers.”
2. Open the Shortcuts app and go to the Gallery tab.
3. Scroll down and find the “AutoWall” shortcut. Tap on it to open.
4. Tap on the “Get Shortcut” button to install the shortcut on your device.
5. Go back to the Shortcuts app and find the “AutoWall” shortcut in your library.
6. Tap on the shortcut to run it.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up an automation in Shortcuts. This will allow your wallpapers to change automatically.

[Insert Image 2: Shortcuts app]

These steps will help you set multiple pictures as your wallpaper or have different wallpapers for each home screen on your iPhone. Enjoy personalizing your device with your favorite pictures!

If you want to know how to set a slideshow as your lock screen or make your background a slideshow on iPhone, here’s how:

1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
2. Tap into the album that contains the photos you want to use for the slideshow.
3. Tap on the photo you want to start the slideshow with.
4. Tap on the Share button in the bottom-left corner.
5. In the share menu, find and tap on the “Use as Wallpaper” option.
6. You may have to swipe left or right to access the “Use as Wallpaper” option.

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