IOS 17 Update Issue Fix: Astronomy Live Wallpaper Not Working/Showing

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The release of Apple’s iOS 17 was an exciting event for Apple users because of the many new features it introduced. One of the standout features was the ability to have animating earth and moon wallpapers, which added a whole new aesthetic look to your home screen. The live astronomy wallpapers use your current location to show an accurate view, as well as other details like weather and temperature.

However, if you’re experiencing issues with the live astronomy wallpaper not working after the iOS 17 update, there are a few reasons why this might be happening. Let’s discuss some legitimate ways to resolve this issue.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between live wallpapers and dynamic wallpapers. Live wallpapers are newer and work with 3D or haptic touch. They can also be customized with your own images. However, live wallpapers only work on the lock screen and appear as regular images on the home screen. On the other hand, dynamic wallpapers are animated images that play in a loop and work on both the lock and home screens.

There are several possible reasons why your live wallpaper may not be working, including a low battery percentage, power saving mode settings, bugs or errors in the wallpaper itself, settings in reduce motion, or interruptions from haptic touch duration.

To fix this issue, here are seven methods you can try:

1. Fix Live Photo Wallpaper Not Working in the Latest iOS Version: You can use a smart tool like iToolab FixGo to fix system and software issues. This tool doesn’t require any special knowledge and can be used to resolve the root cause of the issue.

2. Disable Low Power Mode: If your live wallpaper is turned off due to low battery power, you can disable low power mode in the battery settings.

3. Change Wallpaper Type: If a specific wallpaper is causing the issue, try changing it by going to Settings, choosing wallpaper, and setting a new wallpaper for the lock screen.

4. Check Reduce Motion Settings: Make sure the reduce motion feature is turned off, as it can often be the cause of the live wallpaper not working. Go to Settings, Accessibility, and Motion to turn off reduce motion.

5. Change Haptic Touch’s Touch Duration: Adjust the touch duration in the settings to make sure your iPhone recognizes your touch instructions as haptic touch. Test different durations to find the one that works best for your device.

6. Turn on 3D Touch: Enable 3D touch in the settings, as live wallpapers usually require this feature. Adjust the touch sensitivity and test with your thumb to find the optimal settings.

7. Force Restart iPhone: Restarting your device can help remove common errors and glitches in the iOS. Different models have different ways to restart, so make sure to follow the appropriate method.

Remember, every new iOS version may have some bugs and errors that are fixed later on. You don’t have to compromise on your user experience because of these issues. iToolab FixGo offers complete solutions for common issues and bugs, and it also allows you to downgrade to the previous iOS version if needed. If your live wallpaper not working issue is caused by the iOS update, you can resolve it with FixGo.

So, don’t worry if your live astronomy wallpaper is not working after the iOS 17 update. Try these methods to fix the issue and enjoy the beautiful aesthetics it brings to your home screen.

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