The Top Wallpaper Trends 2023 [With Some Exciting Comebacks]

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If you’re planning to update your home this year, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in home decor. And when it comes to giving your walls a fresh, innovative look, wallpaper can be a game-changer. So, let’s dive into the top wallpaper trends of 2023 and find out which ones you’ll want to adopt for your own home.

1. Gradient Wallpaper: Ombre wallpapers are having a moment right now. They’re perfect for small spaces, accent walls, or even a small downstairs loo. These subtle and stylish designs are easily absorbed when you want to wallpaper the entire room. [Image Source: feathr]

2. Faux Textures: Faux textured wallpapers are gaining popularity with their unique surfaces. Embracing panelling, marble, wood, brick, and other materials, they create the illusion of real textures in your space. Coordinating them with real textures in the room can elevate the overall look and feel. [Image Source: Hovia]

3. Biophilic Wallpaper Design: Nature-inspired patterns have been a big hit for years, and they’re here to stay. This year, they’re getting a more sophisticated and elegant upgrade. Bold designs combined with jungle prints, tigers, elephants, and a touch of the exotic can add a vibrant touch to any room. [Image Source: Graham and Green]

4. Monochrome: A simple black and white modern wallpaper is a timeless trend that appeals to a wide variety of home lovers. It’s easy to live with and goes perfectly with a Scandinavian decor or vibrant, bold colors. It’s a versatile trend that can suit any home, rented or owned. [Image Source: Cole & Son]

5. Dark and Moody: For those who want to be more adventurous with their wallpaper choices, dark and bold wallpapers are making a statement in 2023. Rich browns and inky blues are being embraced, adding depth and drama to any space. It’s time to get bold with your wallpaper design! [Image Source: Graham and Brown]

6. Geometric Designs: Geometric patterns are making a big comeback this year. Whether it’s retro prints from the ’70s or more abstract and modern designs, they are perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your living room. Embrace the return of this popular trend and make a statement with your walls. [Image Source: feathr]

7. Large-Scale Prints: In contrast to smaller patterns, a big, bold print on a feature wall is a trend we love. Choose vibrant patterns and abstract designs to make a statement and add a touch of drama to your interiors. This wallpaper trend is sure to catch everyone’s attention. [Image Source: wallsauce]

8. Bold Wall Murals: Wall murals are still going strong in 2023, with even more striking designs available. Floral prints in particular can dominate a room and add a stunning focal point. Choose from traditional wallpaper or removable, peel-and-stick styles, making it suitable for rentals. Metallic wallpapers are especially cool for this trend. [Image Source: Unsplash]

9. Checkerboard Wallpaper: As seen on TikTok, the checkerboard wallpaper trend is gaining momentum. It’s an easy way to cover an entire wall or even a whole room, and with peel-and-stick options, you can take it with you when you move. Keep an eye on TikTok for more home decor trends that will have a huge impact in 2023. [Image Source: Etsy]

10. Cottagecore Wallpaper: The cottagecore trend has become popular in recent years, symbolizing a simpler and slower way of living. Delicate floral wallpapers in earthy, natural tones capture the essence of this trend perfectly. It’s an ideal choice for a country cottage or anyone who adores a cozy, rustic aesthetic. [Image Source: Unsplash]

Wallpapering is definitely still a trend and it’s more popular than ever. With better products, great designs, and a variety of styles to choose from, there are endless possibilities for incorporating wallpaper into your home decor.

In the living room, large-scale wall murals, geometric wallpapers, floral designs, and midnight blue wallpapers are popular choices. For the bedroom, consider jungle wallpapers, wallpaper murals, ombre wallpapers, and subtle maximalist designs. In the bathroom, tropical patterns, marble wallpapers, gradient wallpapers, and geometric designs can work wonders. And in the kitchen, abstract design wall murals, accent wall large-scale prints, and monochrome wallpapers are making a comeback.

If you’re renting, don’t worry, wallpaper is still an option. Many wallpapers are removable and peel-and-stick, meaning they can be easily taken down without causing damage. Just make sure to check with your landlord first.

So, whether you want to add a touch of sophistication with faux textured wallpapers or make a bold statement with dark and moody designs, the choice is yours. Experiment with these top wallpaper trends of 2023 and give your home a fresh, contemporary look.

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