The Top Wallpaper Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

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If you’re looking to spruce up your interior decor this year, the latest wallpaper trends are sure to inspire you. It’s the perfect time to give your walls a fresh new look and our selection of the best trends will serve as an excellent starting point.

For 2022, the wallpaper designs that are set to be bestsellers align with the predicted home decor trends. Get ready for vivid colors and intricate patterns. This is not the time for subtle neutrals or safe stripes. Instead, prepare to feast your eyes on fanciful and unusual designs that will work well in most homes.

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Wallpaper Trends 2022: The Year of Biophilia

If there’s one word that sums up the wallpaper ideas and trends for 2022, it’s “biophilia.” This term, which became popular about a year ago, describes interior design inspired by nature and creates a harmonious living space. Wallpaper designs have embraced this trend as well.

Rebecca Drury, Co-Founder of MissPrint, explains that nature-inspired interiors are at the top of the list of trends. She states that this trend started with an increased demand for plants in the home and has now grown to inspire various aspects of interior design, including botanical prints, natural materials, colors, and shapes.

With the growing interest in nature also comes an increased awareness of sustainability. Beth Travers, founder of maximalist design house Bobo1325, predicts that people’s awareness of the fragility of the Earth will determine their wallpaper choices in 2022. Homeowners are seeking more sustainable options, such as wallpaper suppliers that use FSC-sourced paper, paint brands that have eliminated toxins, and furniture brands that use repurposed materials.

1. Prints from the Archives

Many beloved wallpaper brands are drawing inspiration from patterns that date back hundreds of years. Designs from archives, such as William Morris wallpapers, are being reimagined with fresh colors and enhanced details. These historical patterns, like the Daisy wallpaper in Strawberry Fields from Sanderson Archive, bring a touch of heritage to modern settings.

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2. Geometric Twist

Biophilic wallpapers don’t have to be delicate and elegant. Combine soft, organic leaf shapes with bold, angular geometric patterns for a dynamic take on flora and fauna. Graham & Brown’s Perch Blush wallpaper beautifully showcases birds and butterflies against a statement geometric design.

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3. Quirky Elements

Biophilia isn’t solely about flowers and leaves. Wallpaper designs are exploring the quirky and unexpected elements of the natural world. From pine cones and feathers to fossils and insects, these designs bring nature into your home in a new and exciting way.

4. Abstract Botanicals

Bold floral and botanical prints are here to stay. However, this year, we’ll see a more abstract approach to these motifs. Stylized versions of botanical elements, like the Little Trees Emerald wallpaper from MissPrint or the Averie Peel & Stick Wallpaper Roll from Wayfair, will dominate the scene.

5. Animal Wallpapers for Adults

Animal and bird wallpapers are no longer limited to children’s rooms. Striking and elegant versions are gaining popularity among adults. Forest motifs with deer, in line with the biophilic trend, are particularly sought after. Target’s NuWallpaper Escape to the Forest Peel & Stick Wallpaper Nav is a perfect example.

6. Intense Blue

Blue is having a major moment in interior design. Wallpaper is catching up with this popular color trend, featuring intense indigo and deep teal hues. Look for wallpapers like Arizome Collage from MindtheGap or Layered Leaves Peel & Stick Wallpaper from Opalhouse at Target to bring this trend into your home.

7. Bathroom Wallpaper

Who says you can’t wallpaper your bathroom? More and more people are choosing wallpaper to add interesting colors, patterns, and textures to their bathrooms. It’s a cost-effective solution to traditional bathroom tiles. Consider RoomMates Mediterranean Tile Peel & Stick Wallpaper from Target for a tiled effect without the hassle.

8. Emerald Green

Green is another color that’s making waves in interior design. Emerald green wallpaper will give any room a trendy look. Intricate abstract and botanical prints are the perfect accompaniment to this rich shade. Check out MissPrint’s Skylark wallpaper or MindtheGap’s Emperor’s Labyrinth Greenlake Wallpaper for some inspiration.

9. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie wallpaper, inspired by Chinese and Japanese art, has been around for centuries. It perfectly complements the current biophilic trend. Delicate cherry blossoms, koi carp, and herons are just some of the nature-inspired motifs available. Explore Wallsauce’s Chinoiserie Garden wallpaper mural or Feathr’s Swoop wallpaper for a touch of elegance.

10. Chateau-core

Move over, Cottagecore! Chateaucore is taking center stage. Wallpaper that resembles a beautiful tapestry or patterned upholstery with antique motifs is what you’re looking for. MindtheGap’s Le Manoir Dancing Graces wallpaper is an excellent example of this opulent look, perfect for French bedroom ideas or historic homes.

11. Nautical Abstract

The coastal look is getting a fresh twist with new wallpaper designs. Forget traditional stripes – the beach house interior of 2022 calls for more subtle and natural-looking references to the sea. Wavy designs and brighter blues will dominate over pastels.

12. Mediterranean Tile

Brightly painted Mediterranean tile-inspired wallpaper is having a moment. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia for missed summer holidays, but these cheerful designs, often featuring lemons, are everywhere. They’re not just for bathrooms and kitchens; try incorporating a tiled motif in your home office or conservatory.

13. Beautiful Birds

To embrace the current maximalism trend, wallpaper with bird patterns is making a comeback. Elegant songbirds perched amid the gates of a secret orchard garden, like the Bird And Gate wallpaper mural from Sara Miller, create a real wow factor. It’s perfect for an opulent bedroom or a maximalist living room.

What is the most popular wallpaper for 2022?

We have to say that anything with a biophilic or natural motif is going to be popular. Whether it’s birdlife, forests, or bold florals, nature is at the forefront of wallpaper design this season. According to Rebecca Drury, nature-inspired wallpaper is a prevalent trend that shows no sign of fading.

In line with this love of nature in wallpaper design, chinoiserie will see a surge in popularity. Rachel Kenny, studio manager at Wallsauce, predicts a demand for chinoiserie designs as a softer approach to East Asian influences, which perfectly complements the biophilic trend.

What is the most popular wallpaper color for 2022?

Emerald green takes the crown as the most popular wallpaper color for 2022. This vibrant shade is making waves across various wallpaper collections and is the perfect choice for revitalizing your home decor in spring. According to Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson, emerald green reminds us to find balance this year, and its popularity is evident in increased searches for emerald green items and decor.

Additionally, blue is also a huge trend in wallpaper design, with cornflower blue and duck egg blue expected to replace the dominance of navy. These therapeutic shades work well with a range of popular color palettes, from earthy terracottas and neutrals to luxe golds and silvers.

No matter which wallpaper trend catches your eye, make sure to choose a design that reflects your personal style and creates a harmonious atmosphere in your home. With the right wallpaper, you can transform any room into a stunning and unique space. Happy decorating!

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